Mustard home remedy for Acid Reflux

If the answer to this is what you are looking for, Mustard home remedy for Acid Reflux, then rest assured. The answer is YES! Succumbing to the constant annoyance of acid reflux, we often forget that “simple home remedies” can provide long term benefit. Mustard home remedy for Acid Reflux is one such little known and often neglected home remedy that can be of much help to you.

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But…as with many other home remedies, here too in order to draw the maximum benefit from mustard you will first have to identify

The right ways of consuming Mustard home remedy for Acid Reflux

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Mustard Home Remedy For Acid Reflux

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Plain yellow mustard is the ideal option. Every time the symptoms of acid reflux plague you, try eating a spoonful of it. It takes away the pain of heartburn quickly. To reduce the burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus one to two teaspoons of mustard can be consumed.

It appears as if it balances the stomach acid to provide relief.

If the mustard is too hot or if you find it difficult to swallow a teaspoon of mustard, then mix it with a glass of water (approx. 100 ml) and gulp it down quickly.

Try it once to be sure if this is the remedy for your acid reflux. If it suits you, you will be amazed at the fast and efficient way mustard works!

But how mustard works so efficiently?

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It is believed that mustard stops excess acid production. Quite contrary to popular belief, the efficacy of mustard is not due to its sodium…but due to its vinegar content.

Mustard is an alkalizing food that contains acid (vinegar). However, the acid is very weak making it one of the least acidic foods that you can eat. Consuming one tsp mustard cures heartburn in a few minutes by neutralizing acids in the stomach (it helps to lower the pH level of the stomach acid) and by preventing the stomach from producing any extra acid.

When an antacid is combined with it… you are sure to get the benefit.

However, there are cases where mustard might not be the ideal remedy for you and might only aggravate the symptoms of heartburn! Also, if your symptoms are severe, mustard might not be the right choice for you!

So it is best to try it once or twice before you decide to stick to it!

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